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A meeting with scientists was held at the highways committee

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A meeting with scientists was held at the highways committee

In the Decision of the head of the country on October 10 of this year "On measures to further improve the road industry", creation and digitalization of a modern system of road management, strengthening of quality control in the field and prevention of conflict of interests, creation of conditions for wide involvement of private sector enterprises and budget a number of work plans for improving the efficiency of the use of funds, reforming and further developing the road industry were defined.
A meeting-discussion was held in the Committee of Automobile Roads with the participation of scientists of the Scientific Research Institute of Automobile Roads, professors and teachers of Tashkent State Transport University, officials of Enter Engineering Company. The chairman of the committee Jamshid Tursunov emphasized that there should be an established mechanism in the design, construction, reconstruction, repair of highways and artificial structures, maintenance of public highways, prevention of natural disasters and elimination of their consequences. He offered to create a scientific council that would regulate all processes.
At the meeting, opinions and suggestions of scientists were heard on the above issues. It was also recognized by scientists that it is necessary to write a technical assignment according to the specified mechanism, to find a designer and choose a contractor, to scientifically substantiate the projects to be implemented.